Powwow festival

Powwow festival
Title: Powwow festival
Keywords: Συλλογή Ανείπωτες Ιστορίες;Untold Stories collection;Προσωπικές αφηγήσεις;Personal narratives;Φεστιβάλ - Βέροια;Festival- Veria
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Βέροια: Δημόσια Κεντρική Βιβλιοθήκη Βέροιας
Abstract: "I lived an unforgettable experience in the summer of 2009. Indian friends from Northern America came to our city and gave us a 3-three day celebration through which I got to know their customs and traditions. After the celebration, I made 9 friends more with who we continue to be in contact, although they live thousands of kilometers far. I look forward to seeing them all next summer also." Another story from a Greek Rusian woman who was born in Soviet Union but came after 1975 in Greece and live now in Veria.
Description: 3 λεπτ., 05 δευτ.
URI: http://medusa.libver.gr/handle/123456789/6508
Appears in Collections:Ανείπωτες Ιστορίες (Untold stories)

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