Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medusa?

Medusa is the digital repository of the Public Central library of Veria. It’s a continuously increasing digital electronic library which collects the intellectual, historical and cultural production not only of the city of Veria but also ofthe wider area of Imathia and beyond. It started its function in 2008.The digitalization of the collection of the Central Public Library was realized within the framework “Digitalizationof material of Public Libraries’ of the operational programme “Society of Information” which was one of the largest-scale projects of digitalization in our country. After the completion of the project the CPLV created its own repository and continues to digitalize material on its own means.

What collections does it include?

Medusa includes the Collection of Local Interest of the Public Library, a rich and updated archive with books, newspapers, magazines, manuscripts, oral stories, photographs and other material from Imathia. It also includes material from the Holy Monastery (Scete) of Veria, the Lyceum Club of Greek Women in Veria and The SismanoglioMegaro of the Consulate General of Greece in Instabul.

Why use it?

It offers free access to thousands of digitalized books,newspapers, magazines, articles, holy relics,incunabula, photographs, oral stories, manuscripts,post-cards and other material from the intellectual, historical and cultural production of the city of Veria and the wider area of Imathia and beyond.

Is there anything distinctive in Medusa?

There are many important exhibits of historical importance. What is worth noted is the singular manuscript “Screed of September-February of 1355”.The manuscript is palimpsestmeaning that the old text has been scratched and written again. The original script is majuscule (7th to 8th and 10th century) and the primary text is possiblyof theological content.The bindings consist of wooden plates covered in leather. Moreover, all the exhibits, each for a different reason, have their own sentimental value and help our acquaintance with the place and the past of all of us.

I have in my possession important material/items, can I add it/them to Medusa?

The Public Libraries helps/facilitates those individuals or organizations wishing to digitalize material they have in their possession, incorporating it in its depository, provided,of course,that they themselves wish to do so. You can contact the library in ( or via phone in 23310 24494).

What is the cost?

Access is free and free of charge for everyone. The whole material hosted in Medusa is channeled in Europeana( the largest and most popular digital library for the European civilization.

How is the material introduced in Medusa chosen?

For Medusa, the first priority is the material concerning local history of the Prefecture of Veria. Nevertheless, any other material is not excluded judging from the significance of the exhibit.

Who has the licence?

All exhibits in digital depository are protected by licence. The owner of the copyright, after a relevant statement, grants the Central Public Library ofVeriathe non- exclusive right of publishing and distributing the electronic form of their work on the Internet, through the Digital Depository, for educational, research and private purposes but not for commercial purposes.

Who can search, browseand downloadmaterial from Medusa?

Medusa is a depository of open access. This means that anyone who has access to the Internet can search, see and download its content, with the exclusion of items on which the licence to publish or provide the electronic form of their work on the Internet has not been granted.

Can the existing items/material in Medusa be withdrawn?

Yes, it can be withdrawn, if asked by the owner of licence or if it doesn’t meet the purposes of the depository.

What is the licence of usage for the items?

All items are protected by licence and can be used only for educational, research or private purposes. The systematic storage or printing of repository items along with their commercial usage of any kind is forbidden.

Why sign up in Medusa?

When signing up in Medusa users can choose to receive an update each time a new registry is added in the collection they have chosen.

How can I sign up?

To sign up in Medusa choose the option Connect to –My Medusa on the down left part of your screen. Next, click on the option New user?Sign up here. Enter your e-mail address in the relevant field and press the option Sign up.You will receive a new message for which to open you should click on the confirmation link following the orders given in the message.On the instant that sign up is activated you can connect to the Digital Repository.

How can I search in Medusa?

Guide for Searching in Medusa ».

Who do I contact for technical issues?

You can fill out the contact form existing on the home page or contact Mr. George Bikas by phone on 23310244494 and by